Medicines to Avoid or Contradicted During Pregnancy 2017 


A person often buys medicines over the counter (OTC) and use them for a headache, common cold or any other minor ailment. But this should not be done when a women are pregnant and having a baby. (Medicines to Avoid during Pregnancy)

Pregnancy is a stage where full care of the mother should be taken and special care should be taken while consuming anything.

Medicines to Avoid during Pregnancy

Medicines to Avoid during Pregnancy

Medicines taken during pregnancy should only be taken if prescribed. If self-prescription is done it may lead to dangerous consequences.


Some of the drugs to avoid in pregnancy or contraindicated during pregnancy are as follows:-

  • Anti-histamines:- 

During pregnancy, a person should avoid antihistamines if a person is allergic to the active ingredients.To overpower asthmatic attacks or other allergens, make some simple lifestyle changes like keeping the house clean, putting dirty shoes outside or using the air conditioner.

Antihistamines can give rise to certain side effects during pregnancy like dry mouth, dizziness, and also drowsiness.Non-drug interventions should be included such as exercising, yoga, nasal strips, or nasal sprays.

Medicines to Avoid during Pregnancy

Medicines to Avoid during Pregnancy

  • Nasal Decongestants:- 

They help you overcome the symptoms like a stuffy and itchy nose and watery eyes.
Doctors might restrict you from consuming nasal decongestants during pregnancy, as they have certain side effects like insomnia, vomiting, and headache.

A natural way to overcome nasal congestion is steam inhalation. A person can use humidifiers or warm showers which can help you in expanding the airways.

  • Anti-fungal Medications:- 

When a person suffers from infection during the gestation phase, do consult a gynecologist for guidance, instead of taking an anti-fungal medication.

Anti-fungal medications can affect the development rate of the unborn fetus.The active ingredients of these medications can easily penetrate through the placental barrier and enter the fetus.

  • Painkillers:- 

If a person is suffering from a mild headache or pain, it is best to avoid painkillers during this stage and includes alternative treatments like massage or yoga.Painkillers like acetaminophen and ibuprofen should be avoided during the first trimester.

  • Acne Medications:- 

During pregnancy, there is a hormonal imbalance in the body which makes you suffer from skin acne.Though it is appealing to take medicines to feel and look better, avoid the consumption of acne medication as these drugs are not safe during pregnancy.Some of the common birth defects incorporated with acne medicines are facial abnormalities, heart defects, and brain malformations.When the hormone level of your body becomes normal again, a person will regain the skin glow naturally.

  • Antibiotics:- 

When a person suffers from regular fever during pregnancy, a person may have to take antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.Some of the antibiotics that should be avoided during pregnancy are Tetracycline and Streptomycin.

  • Tranquilizers:- 

Tranquilizers should be avoided during pregnancy.Tranquilizers during pregnancy increase the baby’s risk of suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

  • Anti-convulsants:- 

Consumption of anticonvulsants during pregnancy increases the risks of preterm delivery, and also miscarriages.Diazepam or Clonazepam are anticonvulsants that should be avoided during pregnancy.

  • MAO Inhibitors:- 

Antidepressants like Isocarboxazid or Phenelzine should be avoided.

  • Large Doses of Vitamin A:- 

The doctor may restrict a person from consuming large doses of Vitamin A during pregnancy. The recommended dose of Vitamin A is 8,000 IU per day.Large doses of Vitamin A can lead to birth defects and liver toxicity.

Medicines to Avoid or Contradicted During Pregnancy 2017 

Medicines to Avoid during Pregnancy

  • Herbs:- 

Herbal medicines may prove to be safe during pregnancy.Herbs that should be avoided during pregnancy are aloe-vera, licorice, rosemary, ginseng, ephedra, cinnamon, and wormwood.

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