4 Week Milk Diet Plan for Losing Weight 2017

Most of the people have been talking about including a milk diet for losing weight. But before adapting to a new and unusual diet, it is important to understand what is the benefit, as well as potential risks. (Milk Diet Plan)


A milk diet can be in a number of forms, it is a diet in which the only intake of milk is there for an extended period of time, days/weeks, without any other type of food. The milk diet consists of drinking milk each day to around 1,000 calories. Considering that the daily calorie intake should be roughly twice. This diet is obviously very extreme. Losing weight is the final goal for people on a milk diet. It also improves other aspects of the health.

Milk Diet Plan

Milk Diet Plan

For those people who don’t want to fully give up all other food except milk, can simply increase the daily intake of milk. It can have noticeable health effects, due to the presence of high levels of vitamins, minerals and some active ingredients found in this beverage.


If a person is interested in depending on a milk diet, most of the experts would not recommend completely eliminating food from the diet. Extreme calorie deficiency each day can result in fast weight loss. This can prove to be dangerous for the health, and certainly, it can result in nutrient deficiencies, as well as a complete lack of fiber. A more easy type of milk diet consists of consuming 2-3 glasses of milk per day, along with a light and carefully monitored diet.

Milk Diet Plan

Milk Diet Plan

Milk is very rich in calcium with around 30% of the daily requirement for the mineral found in every cup of milk. This mineral can help stimulate the metabolism of the body. Whereas the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) present in the milk fat can further help improve the health of the heart. When a significant amount of increase in milk consumption is combined with regular exercise and light & healthy eating, people get the results more quickly.


Some people choose milk diets for a few days for fat-burning, or some of them make it a regular habit, for weight loss. It will also help a person move away from refined sugar and it also delivers many of the key nutrients. Weight loss milk before bed is the best and very effective.

1st Week:-

Drink 4 cups of fat-free milk over each day, complemented by vegetables, salmon, tuna, and some whole-grain breakfast foods. Avoid red meat and make sure to add citrus fruits and juices to the daily intake.

2nd Week:-

Drink 3 cups of fat-free milk and 1 cup of green tea every day. Increase the intake of beans and nuts and one can also add some chicken soup to the evening meals. Fish is a major part of the protein intake, along with vegetables and some high-fiber foods.

Milk Diet Plan

Milk Diet Plan

3rd Week:-

Drink 3 cups of warm fat-free milk combined with either cinnamon or turmeric each day. Be sure to consume plenty of seeds and whole grains during the week, as well as a lot of grilled vegetables. One can eat basic chicken, but avoid intake of red meat.

4th Week:-

Drink 2 cups of lukewarm fat-free milk every day, along with high-fiber vegetables and some oily fish, like salmon and mackerel. Fruits can also be consumed along with oatmeal and low-sodium nuts.


Remember, whole milk contains roughly 140 calories per cup. Losing weight requires a caloric deficiency. More the calories burned than calories consumed. Along with enough exercise and a balanced diet without major nutrient deficiencies. This diet plan is somewhat similar to the skim milk diet.

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