Aloe Vera Constituents Uses Benefits Beauty Tips 2017

Aloe Vera Benefits


Aloe Vera is a plant which is found in tropical climate regions of the world. It is usually cultivated for agricultural and medicinal purposes. It is also used as a decorative tool and can be grown easily indoors. (Aloe Vera Benefits)

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera Benefits


It is a stemless or in some cases having short stems and about 25-10 inch tall. Leaves of this plant are thick and fleshy and are green in color. The flowers of this plant are mainly produced during the summer season.

Aloe Vera Composition:-

Aloe Vera plant mainly constitutes the following ingredients:-

  1. Essential Amino Acids (Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine & Valin) and Non-essential Amino Acids (Alanine, Arginine, Asparagine, Cysteine, Glutamic acid, Glycine, Histidine, Proline, Serine, Tyrosine, Glutamine & Aspartic Acid).
  2. Anthraquinones (Aloe-emodin, Aloetic acid, Aloin, Antracin, Antranol, Barbaloin, Chrysophanic acid, Emodin, Ethereal oil, Cinnamonic acid ester, Isobarbaloin & Resistannol).
  3. Enzymes (Aliiase, Alkaline phosphatase, Amylase, Carboxypeptidase, Catalase, Cellulase, Lipase & Peroxidase).
  4. Hormones (Auxins & Gibberellin).
  5. Lignins
  6. Salicylic acid
  7. Saponins
  8. Sterols (Cholesterol, Campesterol, Lupeol & Sitosterol)
  9. Vitamins [Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene), Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6 (Pyridoksin), Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Kolin & Folate].
  10. Minerals (Calcium, Chrome, Copper, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Phosphorus, Sodium & Zinc).
  11. Sugars


Aloe Vera is widely used all over the world because of its uses that are listed below:-

  1. It is high in Vitamins & Minerals.
  2. High in Amino Acids & Fatty Acids.
  3. It is an Adaptogen (which helps in boosting up the body)
  4. It aids digestion
  5. Detoxifying agent
  6. Alkalizing agent
  7. Improves heart health
  8. Boosts the immune system of the body
  9. Is great for skin
  10. It acts as a disinfectant, antibiotic, anti-microbial, antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal & germicidal.
  11. It helps in reducing inflammation
  12. Helps in weight loss


This is the method of How to use aloe veraAloe Vera skin is very beneficial and provides a healthy skin. this face pack is one of the aloe vera uses for the face.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera Benefits


  • Cut two thick leaves of Aloe Vera plant
  • Cut off the sharp edges
  • Slit the leaves lengthwise and you will see aloe vera gel inside
  • Peel off the aloe vera gel carefully
  • Collect it in a bowl and add a half lemon juice to it and mix thoroughly
  • Apply this mixture daily for brightness of skin and for preventing pimples

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