Some of the Amazing Health Tips for Everyone 2017

Health Tips


Health Tips

Health Tips

  • Joint Pain:- Mix the juice of onion with the mustard oil and massage this mixture on the joints. It will provide great relief within less time.
  • Sleeping Problem:- If you are having a problem sleeping at night then consume a cup of curd/yogurt daily in dinner. Soon the sleeping problem will be resolved.
  • Lose Weight:- Mix a half tsp of fennel seeds in some boiling water and cover it for around 10 minutes. Consume this mixture after being cool down at room temperature. Doing this daily will help you lose weight.
  • Active Mind & Body:- Intake of coffee first thing in the morning will help you work more actively. Caffeine present in the coffee help in the activation of the mind and also reduces laziness and sleep.
  • For Acidity:- Mix the same amount of caraway seeds and cumin seeds and lightly fry them in a non-stick pan. Then boil this mixture in water and rinse the water. Intake of this rinsed water with some sugar will help one get rid of acidity.
  • For a Migraine:- Chew around 6-8 Tulsi leaves every day for around 4-5 times will help you get relief from migraine problems.
  • A sore Throat:- Chew some cardamom in the night as well as in the morning along with some lukewarm water will help get relief from a sore throat.
  • For Hiccups:- Drink some warm ghee (oil) will stop hiccups immediately.
  • For Low Blood Pressure:- Take a piece of ginger and add some lime juice to it and then eat this. This will immediately solve the problem of a low blood pressure.


Health Tips

Health Tips

  • Guard:- Guard is rich in fiber content and contains no fat. Intake of a guard in a large amount is beneficial for the body and help lose weight.
  • Turmeric:- Intake of a tsp of turmeric with a glass of lukewarm water empty stomach in the morning help lose weight. It also strengthens the immune system and prevents infections and diseases.
  • Fennel Seeds:-  Intake of fennel seeds after the meal promotes better digestion. Before meal consumption of these seeds subsides hunger and prevent us from eating too much. Thus help in weight loss as well.
  • Papaya:- Consumption of papaya help reduce gastric problems. It also cleans the digestive system of the body. Intake of papaya every day in the morning helps reduce weight.
  • Carrot:- It is rich in protein as well as fiber. Consumption of carrot regularly helps prevent stomach problems and also promotes weight loss.
  •  Water:- Intake of water before meals help eat less as it takes most of the place in the stomach. Remember not to drink water after meals.
  • Green Tea:- It is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in fast weight loss. Green tea also has an anti-aging property and prevents age-related factors.
  • Cauliflower:- It consists of tartaric acid which increases the consumption of extra fat present in the body. Intake of cauliflower prevents the conversion of glucose into fat. Thus promotes weight loss.
  • Tomato:- It consists of Vitamin C in it which boost the immune system of the body. It also consists of Beta-carotene in it which help prevent cancer and heart-related disorders.


Health Tips

Health Tips


Foods:- Green Leafy Vegetables, Nuts, Carrots, Green Tea, Whole Grain, and Fruits.

Reason:- Whole grains are rich in fiber content and will keep the stomach fuller for a longer time. Nuts are good sources of protein and Fruits contains antioxidants and resveratrol which promotes longevity. Carrots are good for the eyes. Green Leafy Vegetables are healthy and low in calories.

  • 3 TIMES A WEEK:- (Health Tips)

Foods:- Yogurt, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Avocado, Oily Fish, and Tofu.

Reason:- Sardines are high in protein content and omega-3 fatty acids which are very good for the heart and the bones in them are rich in calcium. Tofu is a low-calorie protein source. Cauliflower and Broccoli contain anti-cancer properties. Yogurt is rich in calcium content.


Foods:- Red Meat, White Starch, Desserts, and Alcohol.

Reason:- Choose only one out of dessert or a drink and maintain the portion of their intake.

  • NEVER TO EAT:- (Health Tips)

Foods:- Soda, Processed Meals, Canned Soups, and Diet Products.

Reason:- Artificial Sweeteners present in the diet drinks are somewhat addictive, so prevent these drinks in order to prevent their addiction. These drinks enhance the body to release more insulin and this will lead to an increase in the storage of body fat.


Health Tips

Health Tips

  • Carrots for Eyes.
  • Walnuts for the Brain.
  • Grapes for the Lungs.
  • Tomatoes for the Heart.
  • Ginger for Stomach.
  • Figs for Scrotum.
  • Citrus for Breasts.
  • Sweet Potato for Pancreas.
  • Kidney Beans for Kidneys.
  • Celery for Bones.
  • Mushrooms improve Hearing.
  • Avocado for the Uterus.

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