Banana a Day and its Health Benefits 2017

Banana Day Health Benefits 2017


It is an edible fruit mainly a berry. Banana is variable in size and color but is usually elongated and curved, with soft flesh which is rich in starch. The fruit of the banana is eaten directly when ripe or is also included in fruit salads, juice, and shakes. Unripe fruits can cause severe indigestion and should be eaten in a cooked form only. (Banana Benefits)

Banana Benefits

Banana Benefits

These fruits grow in clusters near the top of the fruiting plant and come in a range of colors like green, red, yellow, and brown (when ripe). Bananas are most commonly found in Europe and America. They are soft, desert fruits.

Banana Nutrition:-

Bananas are rich in many minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body. They are:-

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Riboflavin
  • Folate
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Niacin
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Copper.
Banana Benefits

Banana Benefits


  • Banana Benefits for Weight Loss:- 

Bananas are useful for weight loss as one banana only has approximately 90 calories. They contain fiber as well and are easy to digest. They do not contain any fats.The roughage present in bananas will also not make the person feel hungry. This is because it inhibits the release of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. This will prevent over-eating, keeps a person healthy, and also help them lose weight naturally.

  • Strengthens Bones:- 

Bananas are one of the best fruits for strong & healthy bones. This is because of the presence of fructooligosaccharide, which is a prebiotic and it is a beneficial bacteria in our digestive tract that boosts up the intake of minerals and nutrients by the body.Bananas are also linked to increased absorption of calcium. Calcium is the most important mineral in the production and regrowth of bone matter in the body. It reduces the chances of getting affected by osteoporosis and natural weakness.

Banana Benefits

Banana Benefits

  • Anti-inflammatory Properties:- 

The compounds present inside bananas are anti-inflammatory in nature, which means that they can reduce swelling, inflammation, and irritation from disorders like arthritis and gout. These conditions are very common when people age or if they have a poor or an unhealthy diet. Therefore, a banana a day to can keep a person free from pain for many years.

  • Promotes Weight Gain:-

Bananas can also be useful for weight gain. When consumed with milk, they help to increase a person’s weight rapidly. Milk provides the proteins and bananas provide the sugar.Consumption of 5-6 bananas a day leads to an additional 500-600 calories, which is necessary for weight gain. Bananas have the ability to provide instant energy that is why sportsmen eat bananas during breaks in games for an extra source of energy.

  • Treats Piles:-

Piles are conditions having difficulty in passing stools which may lead to bleeding. Some people consider bananas to produce negative effects on the bowels during piles as they add pressure on the bowels.The primary problem with piles is excretion, and bananas stimulate this process. Bananas also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can also help treat piles by reducing inflammation and pain that often leads to itching and worsening of the condition.

  • Reduces Constipation:- 

Bananas contain dietary fiber and therefore help in smooth bowel movements. They push out stubborn stools and relieves a person from constipation. They also treat other intestinal disorders.The fiber in bananas is able to bulk up the stool and stimulate the body’s peristaltic motion, which moves bowel through the intestinal tract. This can also help to reduce unhealthy digestive conditions, as well as colon cancer.

Banana Benefits

Banana Benefits

  • Treats Ulcers:- 

Bananas have also been used as an antacid food to soothe an upset stomach. These fruits also suppress acid secretion. The compounds present in bananas increases the activity of the cells in our stomach lining which builds up a protective barrier against acids. They also contain protease inhibitors, which eliminates the harmful bacteria that leads to the development of stomach ulcers.

  • Improves Vision-Banana Benefits for Eyes:-

Bananas contain antioxidant and carotenoids, as well as minerals that boost the health of eyes. Cataracts, night blindness, and glaucoma decrease with normal intake of bananas and some other similar fruits.

  • Treats Anemia:- 

Bananas are rich in iron content and aids in treating anemia since iron is an important part of red blood cells. Copper in bananas also helps in the creation of red blood cells.


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