Benefits & Reasons For Exercise During Pregnancy 2017

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy


As we have discussed earlier that pregnancy is a very important phase for a parent. (Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy)

This phase is full of precautions, lots of care and maintaining the health of the mother and the baby.

For women’s who have never exercised before, there is much to be learned from adopting an appropriate exercise program while pregnant.

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy


If the mother seems to be exhausted and suffering from morning sickness, then exercise is probably the last thing that will come to your mind.

But one may be surprised to know that exercising can help to make you feel more energized. If you’re used to exercising then you may adapt to pregnancy more easily.

Here are some reasons or benefits that help you your way through pregnancy more easily and smoothly. Exercising during pregnancy first trimester could be a challenge but is very effective for a safe delivery.

Here are some listed below:-

  • Weight Gain:- During pregnancy the women gains weight which causes back pain. Exercise can help you maintain your weight even during pregnancy and relieves pain.
  • Labor & Delivery gets easier:- Exercise keeps your body in movement and keeps you fit and helps to ease the women during labor and baby’s delivery.
  • Gestational Diabetes risk lowered:- High sugar content in the blood during pregnancy puts a woman at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This may lead to delivery of an overweight baby. Exercise helps this risk reduce by around 27%. If it develops, exercise may delay your insulin intake and consumption of diabetic medications.
Benefits & Reasons For Exercise During Pregnancy 2017

Benefits & Reasons For Exercise During Pregnancy 2017

  • Mood Swings:- Mother’s who exercise during pregnancy tends to have better mood than the women who don’t.
  • Less chance of constipation:- Due to growing uterus & high progesterone levels in the pregnant women, the intestinal tract often gets blocked up. Exercising with intake of high fiber diet can help release this problem.
  • More energetic:- For a pregnant woman lifting even a remote is a difficult task, but exercising can help you feel more energetic.
  • Likely to deliver a healthy baby:- Mother’s who don’t do exercise tends to gain weight and may have a chance of causing gestational diabetes. A child born of these women may be overweight and may develop diabetes during their lifespan. Exercise helps the child relieve this problem.
  • Increased flexibility:- A hormone is released during pregnancy known as relaxin which aids in relaxation of pelvic joints for delivery. This hormone also relaxes the rest of your joints. Women can use this as an advantage and become more flexible.
  • Less chance of surgical or C-section delivery:- Regular exercise can reduce the chances of having delivered the baby with Cesarean. Exercise reduces up to 4 times chances of C-section delivery.
  • Keeps you fit during middle age:- Exercising during pregnancy keeps a women fit even after 20 years after delivery. Women’s who do exercise during pregnancy tend to run two-mile more in two and a half minute from the women who didn’t exercise.
  • Positive attention:- When anyone sees a pregnant woman working out there is a positive smile passes on for the mother. This smile is good for health and maintaining a positive attitude.
  • Well toned body:- Women’s who exercise during pregnancy tends to have a well-toned body and may be referred to as “Hot Mama”.
  • Shorter labor:- Mother’s who continuously worked during their pregnancy tends to have a shorter labor with a difference of about 2 hours.
  • Chill out:- Yoga and other exercise help the stressed-out moms to remain calm during pregnancy. It can also help you handle discomfort with ease.
  • Swimming help you feel weightless:- Working out in water helps the mother to feel weightless even with the pounds of weight of the baby and helps relieve back pain.
  • Less leg swelling:- The growing uterus puts on more pressure on the veins and the body retains more fluid which increases the return of blood to the heart and causing swelling.
  • Less prone to morning sickness:- Exercise helps the mother’s to take off their mind of vomiting and tends to have less morning sickness.
Benefits & Reasons For Exercise During Pregnancy 2017

Benefits & Reasons For Exercise During Pregnancy 2017

  • May boost your child’s athletic potential:- Mother who exercised during pregnancy tends to have child better at sports and good athletic potential.
  • Come back after delivery is faster:- Moms with regular exercise habits tends to cope up easily with mother task of handling a baby and retains their health much faster.
  • Feeling of accomplishment:- Finishing a labor work with everything fine seems like an accomplishment and one may have conquered over the world.
  • Healthier heart of the child:- Child born of exercising mother tends to have a healthier heart.
  • Better sleep:- Women who workout sleep faster than who don’t and also experience good sleep even during pregnancy.
  • Lower risk of premature birth:- In this, there is high blood pressure and high protein content in the urine. This develops less in exercising women’s.
  • Less prenatal depression:- A regular exercise in daylight may help you feel less depressed and the bright light helps you do so.
  • Better looks:- Regular exercise smooths the blood flow throughout the body and helps you look better and beautiful.
  • Children grow up to be smarter:- Mother’s with regular exercise have children who might grow up to be smarter than other children.
  • Better immune system:- Exercising helps keep the immune system of the mother boost up at all times.


  • Aim for about four exercise sessions a week.
  • Avoid exercising beyond your limits.
  • Begin with a 10-minute warm-up.
  • Always exercise on soft surfaces.
  • Don’t perform more than 20 minutes of regular exercise and maintain your heart rate. Keep the heart rate below 140 beats per minute and for water exercises, below 125 beats per minute.
  • Drink plenty of water at all times.
  • Cooldown thoroughly for 10 minutes at least.
  • Include gentle stretching and avoid jumping steps.
  • Don’t overheat your body.
  • Wear suitable clothes.

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