Birth Date Meaning Astrology Personality Nature 2017

Birth Date Astrology


The birth date is the sum of your birth date numbers and it explains the nature of your existence.The birth date number is also known as a psychic number and ruling number. (Birth Date Astrology)

The birth date number meaning shows compatibility, harmonics and a related number of people. It also indicates a person’s lucky dates, months, days, colors and harmonic numbers.

A Birth Day number indicates which skills a person possesses, as well as any challenges they may need to overcome. These both are gifts that will help a person along the life’s path.

Birth Date Meaning Astrology Personality Nature 2017

Birth Date Astrology


  • 1st:- 

Friendly person, Lover of good things, ambitious. A person seeks stable and long relationships. The person has good leadership skills.

  • 2nd:- 

Helpful person, make friends easily, optimistic & confident. Prove to be loving and caring in a relationship. These qualities will help the person get ahead of others in life.

  • 3rd:-

A person with a creative mind. Keen to learn about new things and places. Loved ones are happy with your company. Want life as easy-going. Having big dreams and may achieve with hard work and dedication.

  • 4th:-

A person who is life loving. Self-motivated at all times and romantic and will possess a good loving life. A person who is loyal and trustworthy and others love to be in your company.

  • 5th:- 

A person with a magnetic and pleasing personality. Have a good sense of humor. People will love your company. Falling in love is fast for you. Emotional in nature and might suffer during a break-up. Love to wear fashionable and stylish clothes.

  • 6th:-

Have a cheerful hear and keen to learn new things. Adventurous and sensitive. Compassionate and caring for people you love. A lot can be accomplished by you in life.

  • 7th:-

Shy nature but a likable personality. Dependable and faithful towards friends and family. Sincere for work and very romantic in nature. The person will have a luxurious life.

  • 8th:-

Calm and humble and having a chilled attitude towards life. Jolly in nature and love to crack jokes. Spiritual in nature and magnanimous when required.

  • 9th:-

Smart and stylish personality. The person with opposite sex gets easily attracted to you. Love to live in present. Believe in taking good care of your friends and family. In a relationship, the partner is the gem of your eyes.

  • 10th:- 

Charismatic person and sacrificing for relationships. People love to be in touch with you. A person may seem tough from outside but is very sensitive and emotional from the inside. Love to get involved in artistic and creative things. Take care that people don’t take advantage of your nature.

Birth Date Meaning Astrology Personality Nature 2017

Birth Date Astrology

  • 11th:-

Warm and inviting personality and love to make new friends. Quick to return favors from friends. Love to crack jokes. Dominating in a relationship but in a non-threatening way. Passionate about relationships.

  • 12th:-

Dedicated and sincere. Emotional lover and tend to be possessive in relationships. Love to dress well.

  • 13th:-

Friends turn towards you when they need advice. Caring and a good motivator. Wise and a team player. You don’t hold back your feelings and romantic and natural.

  • 14th:-

A leader and cool in difficult and tough situations. Love to travel and dress as per latest fashion trends. Faithful to family and love to be pampered by loved ones.

  • 15th:- 

Magnetic and loves to stand out in a crowd. Spreads cheer around and serious about life. Have certain goals and work hard to achieve them. Fully focused on relationships and sentiments are important for you.

  • 16th:-

Patient and introspective person. Do things after thinking about pros and cons. Kind and altruistic in nature. Like to help others and dedicated towards relationships.

  • 17th:-

Not a loud person but sometimes tends to lose temper easily. Love to involve in artistic things and try to be friends with everyone. You are born to flirt with the person with opposite sex. Independent and seek space in relationships.

  • 18th:-

Love to spend time in peaceful and natural surroundings. Dynamic person and love to express views openly. Love to dress up for occasions. You are an exciting person to fall in love with and love to be in strong and long-term relationships.

  • 19th:-

An attractive and jolly person with good sense of humor. Enthusiastic, understanding and free-spirited nature. Will have more friends of opposite sex. People love to spend time with you.

  • 20th:-

Emotional and sensitive. Good at making friends. Warmhearted person and constantly seeks attention. Prone to become depressed and moody.

Birth Date Meaning Astrology Personality Nature 2017

Birth Date Astrology

  • 21st:-

Love to live in the present. Independent and beautiful person. Reason to fall in love with you is your intimacy and affection. People have fun being with you.

  • 22nd:-

Slightly introvert and God-fearing person. You are known for your intelligence. Love to be with friends and spend time with them. Serious and will have a happy relationship.

  • 23rd:-

Happy with life and love to enjoy every moment as it is. Friends and family are important to you. Artistic in nature but you have to find your ability. Thoughtful and caring for your partner.

  • 24th:-

Responsible and love to help others. Devoted to friends and family. Emotional and sensitive towards relationships.

  • 25th:- 

The person with logical and intuitive thinking. Responsible and do not like to show your feelings. Introvert in nature and cautious while having friends.

  • 26th:-

A person born to do business. Contains organizational, manageable and administrative abilities. Efficient and handle money well. Ambitious and energetic in nature.

  • 27th:-

Attractive and vibrant personality. Love to party and makes friends easily. Have a good sense of humor. You become choosy while selecting your partner. You can forgive easily but cannot forget.

  • 28th:-

Independent and self-confident. You are capable of starting and finishing it no matter what. Sensitive and emotional in nature.

  • 29th:-

Imaginative and creative person and not made for business. Emotional and sensitive. A person who is a dreamer, not a doer. Social life is good.

  • 30th:- 

Sexy and mysterious personality. People of opposite loves to be around you. Sociable and have leadership skills. You want your partner to be good-looking, dynamic and humorous.

  • 31st:-

Simple and honest person. A person with a creative mind and warm and compassionate nature. You need a lot of time to get committed to a relationship. You do not get much possessive.

Birth Date Meaning Astrology Personality Nature 2017

Birth Date Astrology

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