Easy Ways to Stay Healthy, Stress Free & Happy 2017

Stay Healthy, Stress Free, Happy 2017


Despite the fact that stress causes adverse effects on life, humans still deny admitting that this might be a mental disorder. Leading a stressful life lowers the efficiency and decreases the ability to live a healthy and happy life. Being stressed, one may fall sick often, can feel angry and even irritated. (Ways to Stay Happy)


Stay Healthy, Stress Free, Happy 2017

Ways to Stay Happy

The hectic schedules and so many responsibilities have contributed to this condition of stress. So it is important to know the ways that could treat or prevent these stressful conditions. Meditation help decrease the level of stress while getting involved in physical activities is also a way to get over it.


In this, we will discuss the methods and ways how to stay happy alone.

  • Don’t move a muscle

Lie steady & still and ease into the present very slowly. Let the mind and body connect without clashing movements.

  • Try to remember your dreams

Most people cannot remember their dreams or they don’t dream. Everyone dream a number of times during the night. Dreams reflect the unconscious feelings. It’s worth paying attention to the unconscious emotional state.

  • Consider what makes you happy

Choose 3 things that make a person happy. The happy thoughts will be forefront in the consciousness all day long.

  • Relax your body

It’s natural when a person first wakes up to think that he/she feel relaxed but one might not actually be relaxed. A human being tense up at night and one might still be tense when begin to wake up.

Stay Healthy, Stress Free, Happy 2017

Ways to Stay Happy

  • Meditate

Some bodies and minds wake up quicker, but a good way to enter the present is by meditating. If thoughts are running then try to clear the mind. Slowly get out of bed and sit on a pillow, the back against the wall and spend time sitting still and quietly.

  • Align your energy

A straight spine is important for meditating as it aligns the spine so that energy can move through the body unobstructed. Shrug the shoulders back and feel the sit bones rooting.

  • Don’t think

Meditation isn’t complicated. It is a process to let the thoughts go. One will have thoughts even with the intention not to think, but if a person can’t stop then it is important not to attach any emotion to the thoughts.

  • Breathe

If the mind becomes active, focus the attention on breathing. Extend the breath and the person will continue to be in a peaceful condition.

  • Focus on breathing

Breathing is essential for staying alive. It is the life force so honor it with proper attention.

Stay Healthy, Stress Free, Happy 2017

Ways to Stay Happy

  •  Have an attitude of gratitude 

Begin the gratitude phase of waking up and name 5 things a person is grateful for and smile.

  • Get rid of the negative

Having negative thoughts at the beginning of the day is a risk for a person’s wellbeing. Resist the negative and shift focus towards positive about the day and life.

  • Don’t attach

Do not attach to thoughts when waking up. Attachment promotes illusion rather than reality and leads to stress and anxiety.

  • Let your most pressing issue go

The most pressing issue of the day will be at the forefront of the brain. Turn any negative thoughts into a positive one.

Stay Healthy, Stress Free, Happy 2017

Ways to Stay Happy

  • Stay relaxed

The thoughts develop in the mind and body. Notice how the body tenses with these uncomfortable issues. Relax the body by taking deep breath and breath out slowly.

  • Think yes instead of no

No means resistance is working. Yes, symbolizes possibilities and opportunities. Yes means being strong and willing to work over a mental threshold.

  • Stay present

Make a promise to stay present during the day. The power of the day is in the present.

  • Eliminate something from your day

Make an intention to eliminate something from the day. Make it a habit to give up something daily.

  • Be with happy people

Make a habit to surround with happy people during the day.

Stay Healthy, Stress Free, Happy 2017

Ways to Stay Happy

  • Take on positive pursuits

Invest in positive tours during the day. Do something that brings joy to the life. Go to the gym, eat a healthy lunch and embrace the gift of that person’s friendship.

  • Stay off social media for a day

Eliminate 1 social media outlet a day. Stay off Facebook/Twitter and rely on own energy to be positive.

  • Be mindful at all times

Take out the time for self-reflection. Self-reflection is like taking the emotional and spiritual temperature. Live life just as it is.

  • Give no excuses, no blame 

It’s human nature to make excuses and to blame when things go wrong. Make a habit to take full responsibility for what has been done.

  • Embrace daily challenges

Life is an opportunity to be the best that one can be. Everything a person does has meaning and purpose.

  • Exercise

Daily exercise provides positive attitudes. Exercise in the morning, noontime or evening. But do at least 20 minutes daily for good health.

Stay Healthy, Stress Free, Happy 2017

Ways to Stay Happy

  • Open eyes

Open the eyes, turn on a favorite music, dance in the kitchen and prepare a great breakfast.

Live a happy, healthy life and always be free of stress!

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