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Educational Fact

In this article, we will discuss some interesting fact for the day. These are the daily educational facts.



Educational Facts
Educational Facts
  • It is legal to carry a minigun in America.
  • You can fit a blaster in the car in South Africa.
  • In the Netherlands, it is legal to steal paintings & sculptures.
  • In Canada, it is legal to administer heroine with the help of the government.
  • It is legal to take drugs in Portugal.
  • In Iran, it is legal to sell a kidney.
  • It is legal to roam naked in Spain.
  • In England, it is legal to run war tanks on the streets.


Educational Facts
Educational Facts
  • 1st Month:- Loves staring out of the windows, grumpy grunter enjoys eye contact, favorite activity is eating. The baby is 11 lbs and 21.5 inches long.
  • 2nd Month:- Thinks his bouncy seat is hilarious, starts to coo, loves to nap in his swing. The baby is 14  lbs and 23 inches long.
  • 3rd Month:- Super smiley and drooly, is constantly trying to eat his hands, loves splashing in the bath. The baby is 15 lbs and 24 inches long.
  • 4th Month:- Very ticklish under the chins, discovered his toes, loves playing in the jumperoo. The baby is 16 lbs and 25.25 inches long.
  • 5th Month:- Can roll from back to tummy, works on sucking his thumb, thinks his sister is hilarious. The baby is 19.5 lbs and 26 inches long.
  • 6th Month:- Expert raspberry blower, started solid food, loves to snuggle with the mother. The baby is 19 lbs and 26.25 inches long.
  • 7th Month:- Loves feeding himself puffs, able to roll everywhere, can sit up all by himself. The baby is 20 lbs and 27 inches long.
  • 8th Month:- Started waving, cut his first two teeth, started crawling. The baby is 20.5 lbs and 28 inches long.
  • 9th Month:- Sticks his tongue out all the time, always on the move. The baby is 21 lbs and 28.5 inches long.
  • 10th Month:- Loves to look at his books, knows how to sign for milk, food, and daddy, gives the best hugs. The baby is 21 lbs and 28.75 inches long.
  • 11th Month:- Claps his hands, fascinated with lights, two more new teeth. The baby is 21 lbs and 29 inches long.
  • 12th Month:- Loves mickey mouse, 6 new teeth, started walking, loves to talk and chat. The baby is 21 lbs and 30 inches long.


Educational Facts
Educational Facts
  • If you have a toothache, rub some ice between your thumb and forefinger. This can relieve the pain up to 50%.
  • If you’re about to start gagging, tuck your thumb in your fist and grip it tightly.
  • Put deodorant on a mosquito bite to stop the itching.
  • Press your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth to prevent sneezing.
  • If you are having trouble sleeping, blink your eyes fast for a minute.
  • If you are in bed and still feeling dizzy, place one of your feet on the ground, this will help your brain to recalculate your position.
  • Pinch yourself if you can’t just stop laughing.
  • Scratch your ear if you have a tickle in your throat.
  • If you read a speech before you go to bed, you will remember it better in the morning.
  • Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth if you have a brain freeze.
  • If you’re feeling sleepy, hold your breath as long as you can and then release it.

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