Some Facts about the Human Body- Must Learn 2017

Human Body Facts

In this article here are some of the amazing facts about the human body with pictures.


Here are some of the interesting facts about human behavior:-

  • Never brush your teeth immediately after eating something acidic like lemon, orange, and milk. It can destroy the tooth enamel. Use a soft brush to clean your teeth twice a day. (Human Body Facts)
  • Most of us are guilty of shallow breathing that is only using the upper part of the chest to breathe. Deep breathing that involves the stomach has a positive effect on the body such as lowering stress and blood pressure and increasing stamina.
Human Body Facts

Human Body Facts

  • Washing the hair every day is not recommended. This is because it washes away the oil on the scalp which then causes the scalp to produce sebum. Sebum makes the hair greasy. Washing the hair tice or thrice a week is enough.
  • No matter how much exercise you do, sitting too long every day can decrease your life expectancy and increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Make sure that you get up from the desk and take a short walk every hour.
  • Working out every day of the week can lead to an overexertion of the body.This will harm the body more than the benefits of the exercise. Four days of the moderate exercise of a week is enough.
  • Most of us do not complete our sleep and our body doesn’t get enough rest mainly with adults or job persons. Not getting enough sleep affects the learning, memory, and creativity. Lack of sleep causes irreversible changes in our body which cannot be made up with more sleep later.
  • With an advent of many diets that stress on certain food groups such as protein and cutting down others such as fat and carbs completely. It is important to remember that the body needs all the food groups and it is never a good idea to skip one group altogether. (Human Body Facts)
  • Using antimicrobial soaps tend to wash out the good bacteria which are needed by our body to fight off infections. This also applies to hand-sanitizers. Do not overuse these products.

THE BODY CLOCK:- (Human Body Facts)

  • 3-5 am Lungs:- The toxic waste from our lungs becomes loosened. Wake up between 5-7 am. Drink water and walk. Do meditation & breathing exercises. (Human Body Facts)
  • 5-7 am Large Intestines:- Drinking plenty of water and defecating between 5-7 am repairs the colon. Sleeping in this period can lead to constipation and other health issues.
  • 7-9 am Stomach:- Stomach energies are at the highest at this time. Do not take big meals. Start with juice, water or milk.
  • 9-11 am Spleen:- The spleen gets cleaned at this time. Digestive fire is at peak. An ideal time to have a meal.
  • 11 am- 1 pm Heart:- Food materials enter the bloodstream. The heart pumps nutrients throughout the system and takes it liquid requirements.
Human Body Facts

Human Body Facts

  • 11 am- 1 pm Small Intestine:- Food requiring longer digestion time completes their digestion. Taking food during this period causes indigestion, bloating, etc.
  • 3-5 pm Bladder:- Metabolic waste’s from morning nutrition intake clears out, making room for the kidney’s filtration to come.
  • 5-7 pm Kidney:- Filters blood, maintain a proper chemical balance of blood-based on nutritional intake of the body. Blood delivers the required nutrients to all the tissues.
  • 7-9 pm Pancreas:- Nutrients are carried to the capillaries and to each cell. Taking sweets in this period causes lower back pain.
  • 9-11 pm Blood Vessels:- Blood vessels go into the repairing mode. If you get headaches, feel abnormally tired or weak this means that the blood vessels are in heavy repair.
  • 11 pm – 1 am Gall Bladder:- Initial cleansing of all tissues, processes cholesterol, enhances brain function. Being awake during this period causes headaches, insomnia, eye issues, etc.
  • 1 am- 3 am Liver:- Cleansing of blood. Processing of waste. Sleep sound during this period to avoid digestive issues. (Human Body Facts)

BELLY BUTTON FACTS:- (Human Body Facts)

Human Body Facts

Human Body Facts

  • Apply neem oil on the belly button to get rid of pimples.
  • Apply almond oil on the belly button to glow your face.
  • Applying mustard oil on the belly button can help get rid of cracked lips.
  • Apply olive oil or coconut oil on the belly button help improve your fertility.
  • Keep alcohol-dipped cotton on your belly button to get rid of cold, flu or running nose. (Human Body Facts)
  • Keep brandy dipped cotton on the belly button to ease menstrual pain or cramps.
  • Apply pure clarified butter made from cow milk on your belly button to soften the skin.
  • Apply lemon oil on your belly button to get rid of facial pigmentation.

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