First Trimester of Pregnancy- Symptoms & Details- 2017

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms 2017

The 1st trimester of pregnancy is one of the most critical stages of the baby’s development, but it is also a time of changes in the body. (First Trimester Symptoms)


The first trimester consists of the first 3 months of pregnancy, i.e., Weeks 1-12. The body will prepare for the baby that is starting to grow. Even before tests or ultrasounds can confirm the pregnancy, the body will start working on it.

First Trimester Symptoms

First Trimester Symptoms


  • Cramping

It is normal during the first trimester, as the body begins to change the shape to prepare for the extra room required by the baby. This might be similar to the cramping one feels before the menstrual period typically begins.

  • Nausea and Vomiting

More than 80% of the women experience nausea during their first trimester, and it doesn’t always end with vomiting. This is one of the well known and reliable indicators of pregnancy.

First Trimester Symptoms

First Trimester Symptoms

  • Bleeding

Bleeding in the first trimester is normal, particularly during the first 5-12 days, it is when the egg will be implanted in the uterus. Excess bleeding or more regularly could be a sign of a serious complication and should be discussed with the doctor.

  • Fatigue

When the body first realizes the pregnancy, the progesterone levels will increase. This is a hormone that can help relax and put a person to sleep, so fatigue is totally natural. Consumption of more food and carrying around more weight can lead to the feelings of tiredness in the first 3 months of pregnancy.

  • Tender Breasts

Breast tenderness is very common, as the mammary glands change in response to the hormones. The breasts begin producing milk to feed the baby, and will likely swell. This may lead to tenderness and the need for a larger size, in some women.

  • Urination

The women will likely begin urinating more often during the first trimester since the body is producing more blood. More blood and fluid in the body means that the kidneys will be excreting out more liquid waste, which needs to be eliminated from the body.

  • Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a normal symptom during the first trimester, mainly if it has a milky white consistency. This is actually the residue of the fluid that keeps the vagina clear of any pathogens. Discharge that has a foul odor or color other than white then it should be discussed with the doctor.

  • Cravings

Food aversions and cravings are experienced by most of the women in the first trimester. As long as the food a woman is eating doesn’t affect the diet negatively, feel free to eat pickles and peanut butter.

First Trimester Symptoms

First Trimester Symptoms

  • Distention

The stomach may feel distended in the first few months of pregnancy as the abdominal cavity shifts and changes. This may lead to constipation and stomach discomfort, but it should lower in the second and third trimesters.

  • Aches and Pains

The body works hard during the pregnancy and one needs to be supporting another life both physically and nutritionally for 9 months. This can affect the back, knees, shoulders, and ankles, and many others, but these aches & pains are normal.


1st Week: The first week of pregnancy begins on the first day of the last period. For pregnancy prenatal vitamins are a great option for this 1st week.

2nd Week: The ovulation cycle will begin which means that it is an ideal time to have sex during pregnancy. Make sure to stay active during this time.

3rd Week: The woman should maintain a normal diet whether she is pregnant or not and try not to take medications unless necessary.

4th Week: During this time a woman can get a positive pregnancy test.

5th Week: The woman won’t see any noticeable physical changes, but the baby is growing. This will be the time for a checkup to make sure the pregnancy is going on normally.

6th Week: At this point, symptoms like nausea, aches and pains, fatigue, and hunger might have begun. Avoid the use of cigarettes and alcohol, and cut down caffeine intake as much as possible.

First Trimester Symptoms

First Trimester Symptoms

7th Week: At this time, nausea and hunger become more noticeable.

8th Week: This is the time for an ultrasound to check for normal development.

9th Week: As the baby grows in size, issues may begin, which may require more attention or use of pads on a daily basis.

10th Week: The baby’s organs will develop already, and some of the first trimester symptoms will start to reduce.

11th Week: The baby’s genitals will begin to develop which means that gender determination could be done if needed. Chromosomal tests can also be done to ensure normal development.

12th Week: The woman may begin to show the 3-month mark as the baby begins a period of rapid growth.

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