Health Benefits of Vodka-For all Alcohol Lovers 2017

Health Benefits Alcohol Vodka Weight Loss 2017


It is a beverage which is a combination of ethanol and water. It is a drink which often scores well in the bar menu presented in restaurants and parties. The flavorless vodka merges seamlessly well with other drinks without disturbing the flavor of the other additional ingredients. It makes it one of the preferred choices amongst all the alcoholic beverages. (Health Benefits of Vodka)

Health Benefits Alcohol Vodka Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Vodka

It is used in the preparation of popular cocktails such as vodka martini, tonic, and Bloody Mary. Vodka made from and is generally produced by the distillation of plant matter rich in starch/starch including various grains like corn, wheat and other ingredients like potatoes and grapes.

Vodka from other countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Poland has 40% alcohol content by volume. Other than the alcoholic content, it can also be divided into two main groups, .i.e., flavored and clear. Vodka ingredients include flavorings which are added to it such as ginger, cinnamon, vanilla and some herbs, fruits, and spices. The preference of flavor depends on the area it is consumed in.


It is a carbohydrate and sugar-free drink which gives very few calories when consumed neat without any fat-based mixers. It contains no harmful cholesterol or fats.


  • Reduces Stress

Vodka has better relaxation effect on a human being. It helps in decreasing the stress on the body more efficiently than other drinks such as wine. Vodka has sleep-inducing qualities and has a calming effect on the brain.

  • Anesthetic Qualities

Vodka has been used for curing ailments like a mild headache, common cold, and a hangover. It is used to prepare tinctures in the world of herbal medicines to be consumed orally or used as an anesthetic topically. Tinctures are manufactured by soaking leaves, flowers, and stem in vodka. It extracts the essential oil which is rich in healing qualities. Freezing a bag filled with vodka and applying it as an ice pack helps in decreasing the pain.

Health Benefits Alcohol Vodka Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Vodka

  • Relieves Toothache

Swishing little amount of vodka around an aching tooth might prove to be useful. Let some of the vodka absorbed in the gums might help reduce the pain in the affected area. When it is mixed with cinnamon it works as an effective mouthwash and also cures bad breath.

  • Protects Cardiovascular Health 

it acts as a protective agent against heart diseases. It has a dilating property on the arteries which stimulates a good flow of blood. Unobstructed flow of the blood prevents the development of major disorders such as stroke and cardiac arrest. It also aids in increasing the amount of HDL cholesterol in the body.

  • Skin Care & Hair Care-Benefits of Vodka on Skin

Vodka works well on the skin and helps cleanse the pores and also tighten them. It is very useful in a variety of beauty stuff like cleansers, toners, and anti-acne cosmetics. Vodka promotes hair growth by cleansing the scalp and also eliminates toxins from the hair. It helps in treating the problem of dandruff and is used to prepare hair stimulating tonics and conditioners.

  • Antiseptic Properties

Vodka has antiseptic properties which help in preventing the development of infections like an animal bite. Alcohol content in it helps in sterilizing the wound. Colorless and flavorless vodka acts as an extractive solvent and is used by herbalists to prepare alcohol-based ointments. Avoid using vodka based liniments on dry and burned skin.

It also helps cure cold sores and helps disinfect the dermis in an open blister. Vodka also helps in lowering down fever when rubbed on the back and chest. It helps in treating odorous feet and helps in disinfecting them. Vodka has diuretic properties that promote urination and easy flushing of the toxins out of the body.

Medium amounts of vodka is a sensible choice while following a weight-loss diet regimen. It contains a low amount of calories with no carbohydrate content as other alcoholic drinks like beer, which is high in carbohydrates content.

Health Benefits Alcohol Vodka Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Vodka

  • Culinary Uses

Vodka turns the pie crust cakey. The spirit present in vodka limits the dough from making excess gluten. It helps in making the dough moist in nature and makes it perfect for a flaky crust. The vodka evaporates during the baking process without leaving anything behind.

  • Cleaning Agent

Vodka works as a great cleanser. The alcohol in the vodka helps in cleaning the caulking around showers and bathtubs by removing the mildew and mold. It also cleans the eyeglasses and extends the life of razor blades which are soaked in vodka after shaving. Basically, it kills germs and prevents rusting.

Health Benefits Alcohol Vodka Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Vodka

  • Easy Dry Cleaning

Sprays prepared with vodka help in neutralizing the scents from the clothes.

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