Home Remedies for Dry Eyes- A Cure at Home 2017

Home Remedies Dry Eyes
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes


A good cry can make a person feel light. Tears also lubricate and nourish the eyes. Many people have experienced dry eyes, especially if our job includes using the computer or laptop for very long. If the care is not taken, then dry eyes can even lead to blindness. (Home Remedies for Dry Eyes)

Home Remedies Dry Eyes
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

What is a Dry Eye?

It is medically known as keratoconjunctivitis sicca, dry eye affects more than 60% of the world’s population, including children. The main cause is lack of lubrication in the eyes.

There are a number of triggers leading to dry eyes. Some of dry eyes causes are:

  • Sitting in front of the computer for long hours
  • Watching television or reading books continuously
  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Smoking
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Hypertension
  • Depression
  • Allergies
  • Excessive exposure to harsh or bad weather


The dry eye syndrome symptoms are:-

  • Burning sensation
  • Itchy eyes
  • Aching sensations
  • Heavy eyes
  • Fatigued eyes
  • Sore eyes
  • Dryness sensation
  • Red eyes
  • Photophobia or Light Sensitivity
  • Dry eye symptoms blurred vision


These are some simple home remedies for dry eyes. Below described methods are the answer to “How to cure dry eyes permanently”

Home Remedies Dry Eyes
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes
  • Cucumber:- Cucumber is well known for its soothing effect. Cucumber also rejuvenates and revitalizes functioning of the circulatory system. Once the feeling of dry eyes goes away there will be a feel of fresh for sure.
  • Milk:- Milk contains enzymes that are known for soothing and relaxing the eye muscles. Dip a clean cotton in a little cold milk. Place this cotton on the closed eyelids and relax it for 10 minutes. One can even add a few drops of rose water with milk for more benefits.
  • Fennel Seeds Tea:- Soak 1 tsp of dried fennel seeds in 200 ml of water for around 15 minutes. Strain it and allow it to return to room temperature. Now dip a cotton cloth in the warm tea and place it on the eyelids for 15 minutes.
  • Flaxseed Oil:- They are rich sources of the Omega 3 which is an essential fatty acid. A regular intake of 2,000 mg of this is known to ease dry eyes by around 85%.
  • Aloe Vera:- Aloe contains soothing properties which help in easing the dry eyes. Apply pure aloe gel on the eyelids regularly for about 10 days.
  • Honey:- Mix 1 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of pure water and use it as an eye drop. Add 2 drops of it to each eye, three times a day until the dryness washes away.
  • Castor Oil for dry eyes:- Application of castor oil around the eyes and on the eyelids helps in restoring and retaining the moisture levels, thus preventing dry eyes.
  • Coconut oil for dry eyes.


Home Remedies Dry Eyes
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes


  • Identify the Triggers:- A person needs to identify the trigger behind the dry eyes. Once the trigger is known just avoid it or at least try to lower down the time you spend with it.
  • Do not Stare at PC or Television Continuously for Long Hours:- Take a break, for around 2 minutes after every 60 minutes of working on the computer or television screen. This will also prevent eye disorders, including myopia.
  • Keep Blinking:- A person has to increase the number of times of blink, especially for readers or PC user. It will improve the circulation and also alleviate the pain and redness, and help the eyes keep lubricated.
  • Wash the Eyes Often:- Use cool tap water to wash the eyes. This will also provide a refreshing touch to the eyes.
  • Avoid Excessive Exposure to Wind and Sun:- Excessive exposure to harsh wind and sun can decrease the lubrication of the eyes. Wear sunglasses to shield the eyes from harsh, blowing wind and excessive sunlight.
  • Retain the Moisture Level of the Room:- Make sure the AC is switched off or prevent excessive use of air conditioning as it also leads to dry eyes.
  • Apply Warm Compress:- A person can trigger the secretion of hormones by improving the circulation levels in the eyelids. Place a clean towel in warm water and keep it on top of the closed eyelids. This will enable the flow of oil to the tears and will also lubricate the eyes.
  • Lubricate with Artificial Tears:- Add 2 drops in each eye and close the eyes. The components will enable the secretion of oils, making sure that the moisture level rises up. These also soothe eye irritation and removes the redness caused due to dry eyes.


Home Remedies Dry Eyes
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes
  • Increase the Omega 3 Intake:- Omega 3 is essential for the secretion of the oil and water layers into the tear. Include cold water fishes like sardines, salmons, and tunas.  For vegetarians include flax seeds in the diet.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated:- Increase the daily water intake to ease dry eyes.
  • Munch on Antioxidants:- Dieting can leave the eyes dry. Antioxidants are essential to eliminate free radical which leads to oxidative stress. Consume a diet rich in green leaves, including spinach. Consume fruits such as berries as they are rich in antioxidants.
  • Go for Potassium and Zinc Rich Foods:- Minerals play a significant role in maintaining the health of the eyes. Low level of potassium could lead to dry eye. So, include potassium-rich foods such as banana, dates, avocados, and almonds in the diet.Zinc has an important role in the metabolic activities of enzymes which are present in eye’s vascular coating. Consumption of mushrooms, legumes, sunflower seeds, and whole grains in the diet can cure dry eye.


Home Remedies Dry Eyes
Home Remedies for Dry Eyes
  • Never use contact lenses for more than 6 hours. Remove them and wash the eyes.
  • Do not use any old cosmetics, they might irritate the eyes.
  • Go for eyeliners and kajal containing almond oil or castor oil as they will help retain the moisture.
  • Keep sunglasses.
  • Stay away from irritants such as high temperature, dry weather, and harsh wind.
  • Always keep the eyes closed while washing the face with face wash or a soap.
  • Keep the eyes closed while applying foundation, moisturizer, and other cosmetics on the face.
  • Use as minimum makeup as possible.
  • Do not scratch the eyes.
  • Always remove the makeup before washing the face.
  • Cut down on coffee, tea, and salt intake.
  • Limit the intake of acidic foods like vinegar, tomato, and tamarind.
  • Quit smoking, alcohol intake and consumption of aerated drinks, and processed foods.


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