Home Remedies to get rid of Toothache 2017

Home Remedies Toothache Clove Saltwater Spinach 2017


A toothache is common in kids rather than adults. The reason is that kids don’t take proper care of their teeth and it is a burden for them to brush daily. They find ways to avoid brushing their teeth. A toothache can be light or it can be severe that can make even adult start crying. In severe cases, the whole jaw feels the pain and swelling can also be seen sometimes in the jaw. In more severe cases, the person may feel the temperature rising in the body as well. (Home Remedies for Toothache)


Home Remedies Toothache Clove Saltwater Spinach 2017

Home Remedies for a Toothache



A toothache is a disease which is caused due to the following reasons:-

  • Cavity (due to the consumption of sweets and chocolates)
  • Cracked tooth (can occur due to some accident or injury)
  • Exposed roots of the tooth
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, tobacco, acidic and carbonated drinks
  • Gum disease
  • Disorders including jaws and joints.

TOOTHACHE HOME REMEDIES:- (Home Remedies for Toothache)

Here are some of the home remedies described below where one can learn how to stop a toothache fast at home:-

  • Salt Paste for toothache pain

It is an effective thing that can provide relief from a toothache. Salt acts as an antibacterial compound and it contains the ability to treat and cure the inflammation.

Home Remedies Toothache Clove Saltwater Spinach 2017

Home Remedies for a Toothache

Add an equal amount of pepper to salt and make a paste. Simply apply this paste to salt, pepper, and water on the affected tooth and it will provide relief from tooth pain.

  • Clove for a severe toothache (Home Remedies for Toothache)

Another spice which is easily available in the kitchen can help provide relief from the pain in the tooth. Clove has been used to treat the tooth pains since ages. It consists of antiseptic and antibacterial agents in it which can help treat the teeth even if a toothache is caused due to some infection in the teeth. Clove is an emergency toothache relief remedy easily available.

Get some clove powder and mix it in a few drops of olive oil. Now apply this paste to the affected tooth. This will provide great relief from the pain and will help treat it.

  • Rinse the Mouth with Salted Warm Water for pain relief

For instant relief from the pain due to a toothache, the best home remedy is drinking a glass of water with half a tsp of salt added to it. The water should be lukewarm not boiling. Take a sip of this water but don’t swallow and rather rinse the mouth thoroughly with this lukewarm salted water. It is an effective treatment for reducing the pain.

Home Remedies Toothache Clove Saltwater Spinach 2017

Home Remedies for a Toothache

Whenever a person feels pain in the tooth, apply this method for severe toothache pain and get instant relief. If there is swelling due to the pain then it will help in reducing that as well and the person will feel instant relief from the pain.

  • Guava Leaves (Anti-inflammatory Activity)

Guava leaves are known to be effective for treating a toothache pain and providing relief and is available easily. The juice of the guava leaves has been used for treating toothache since ages.

Boil the guava leaves in water and add a pinch of salt to it. When this solution gets cool then wash the mouth thoroughly with it. It will provide great relief from pain as well as swelling caused due to a toothache.

Home Remedies Toothache Clove Saltwater Spinach 2017

Home Remedies for a Toothache

  • Chew Spinach for fast relief from Toothache (Home Remedies for Toothache)

Another easy and the best toothache remedy is chewing some spinach leaves.

Take some leaves of fresh spinach. Put a leaf in the mouth and chew it until the saltish juice from the leaves starts flowing in the mouth and reaches the affected part of the tooth. This juice will help treat a toothache immediately and hence it is a simple home remedy for curing the pain in the tooth and will provide a person with instant relief from the pain as well as swelling.

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