Nutritional Health Benefits of Dates for Weight Loss and Other 2017

Health Benefits Dates Weight Loss 2017


It is commonly known as dates or date palm and is a sweet edible fruit. Dates are oval-cylindrical in shape and area about 3–7 cm long, and 2–3 cm in diameter. These fruits grow on a date tree. When the fruit is ripe it ranges from bright red to bright yellow in color, depending upon variety. (Health Benefits of Dates)

Health Benefits Dates Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Dates


Dates are rich in a number of nutrients. They are:-

  • Dietary fiber
  • Contains oil
  • Calcium
  • Sulphur
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamins such as Niacin, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Vitamin A & K, and Folate.


These are the date fruit benefits described below:-

  • Relieve Constipation:- 

Dates are known as a laxative food. For a better effect soak some of the dates in water overnight and then consume them in the morning when it turns into a syrup for most optimal results. It contains a  high level of soluble fiber, which is important in promoting healthy bowel movements and provides comfortable passage of food through the intestinal tract, which can help relieve the symptoms of constipation.

  • Strengthen Bones:-

The number of minerals found in dates makes them a food for strengthening bones and fighting diseases like osteoporosis. Dates contain selenium, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of them are required for healthy bone development and strength of the bones.

Health Benefits Dates Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Dates

  • Treat Intestinal Disorders:- 

The nicotine content present in dates is beneficial for curing many kinds of intestinal disorders. Continuous intake inhibits the growth of pathological organisms and helps stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestines. They also contain insoluble and soluble fibers, as well as many amino acids which can help stimulate digestion of food.

  • Treat Anemia:- 

Dates have high mineral content and are rich in iron which is good for people suffering from anemia. The high content of iron in dates balances the lack of iron in anemic patients, increasing the energy and strength while decreasing the feelings of fatigue and sluggishness.

  • Cure Allergies:- 

The presence of organic sulfur aids in the reduction of allergic reactions and other allergies.

  • Promote Weight Gain:- 

They consist of sugar, protein, and many other essential vitamins. One kilogram of dates contains around 3,000 calories, and these are sufficient for the daily requirements of a human body. A person who is slim and is trying to gain weight or muscles the dates should be included in the diet.

  • Boost Energy:- 

Dates are rich in sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Thus they are the perfect for an immediate burst of energy. During exercise in a gym, outside or on a stretching machine at home, if there is a feeling of exhaustion, then immediately consume some dates for energy.

Health Benefits Dates Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Dates

  • Maintain Nervous System Health:- 

The presence of vitamins in dates make is important for nervous system health and functionality. Potassium is one of the main ingredients in promoting a healthy and a responsive nervous system, and it also improves the speed of the brain activity.

  • Promote Heart Health:- 

When dates are soaked overnight and crushed in the morning and then consumed, they have a positive effect on weak hearts. They are also rich in potassium, which reduces the risk of stroke and other heart-related diseases. They reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol in the body, which is a major factor for heart attacks and stroke. Therefore, consumption of dates twice a week can help improve the health of the heart.

  • Treat Sexual Weakness:-

Dates are beneficial for increasing sexual stamina. Soak dates in fresh goat’s milk for overnight and then grind them in the same milk with cardamom powder and honey. This mixture is a very useful tonic for increasing the sexual endurance and also reduces sterility caused by various sexual diseases.

  • Prevent Night Blindness:- 

The consumption of dates is beneficial for fighting various conditions that affect the ear, nose, and throat. The leaves of the date are ground into a paste and then rubbed on the eyes, or it can also be ingested orally then it reduces the frequency of night blindness.

  • Relieve Intoxication:- 

Dates are used as a remedy for alcoholic intoxication. It provides quick relief if a person has consumed a large amount of alcohol. They can also be used to prevent morning hangovers. They should be soaked overnight for best results.

Health Benefits Dates Weight Loss 2017

Health Benefits of Dates

  • Treat Diarrhea:- 

Ripe dates contain potassium, which is effective in controlling diarrhea. The soluble fiber present in them also relieves diarrhea, by providing bulk to the bowel and promoting a normal and healthy functioning of the excretory system.

  • Prevent Abdominal Cancer:- 

They work as a useful food for all age groups. Since they are natural and don’t have any side effects on the human body.

  • Dates Benefits for Hair:-

This is also another benefit of dates and provides shiny, silky and smoother hair.

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