Overall Health Benefits of Yoga on the Body 2017

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga

YOGA:- (Health Benefits of Yoga)

It does more than just burn calories and tone the body muscles. It is a total mind-body workout that involves the combination of strengthening and stretching poses followed by deep breathing and meditation. (Health Benefits of Yoga)

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga

Different forms of Yoga include:-

  • Hatha:- This form combines a series of some basic movements followed by breathing.
  • Vinyasa:- It is a series of poses that are known to flow smoothly into one another.
  • Power:- A faster and higher-intensity practice that help build muscles.
  • Ashtanga:- A series of poses which is combined with a special type of breathing technique.
  • Bikram:- It is also known as the “hot yoga,”. It is a series of around 26 challenging poses which are performed in a room at a high temperature.
  • Iyengar:- It is a type of yoga that involves the use of props such as blocks, straps, and chairs which help the movement of the body in proper alignment.



Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga
  1. Blood pressure:- A regular yoga practice help decrease the blood pressure via better circulation and oxygenation of the human body.
  2. Pulse rate:- A slower pulse rate shows that the heart is strong enough to pump much more blood with fewer beats. Regularly yoga gives a lower pulse rate.
  3. Circulation:- Yoga help improve the blood circulation by the transportation of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.
  4. Respiratory:- A lower rate of respiration shows that the lungs are working properly and efficiently. Yoga helps decrease the respiratory rate due to controlled breathing exercises and provides better fitness.
  5. Cardiovascular endurance:- A lower heart rate and an improved oxygenation in the body results in greater CVS endurance.
  6. Organs:- Yoga massages the internal organs, thus improve the ability to prevent disease. It also allows a person for immediate response to a disease.
  7. Gastrointestinal:- Gastrointestinal functions improve in both men as well as women practicing yoga regularly.
  8. Immunity:- Daily yoga practice leads to a stronger immune system.
  9. Pain:- Pain tolerance is higher in those who perform regular yoga. Instances of severe pain, such as a back pain, are also lessened through yoga.
  10. Metabolism:- A balanced metabolism results in a healthy weight maintenance and also controls hunger. Regular yoga help create an efficient metabolism.
  • OUTSIDE THE BODY:- (Health Benefits of Yoga)

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga
  1. Aging:- Yoga help stimulate the detoxification process in the body. Detoxification delays aging.
  2. Posture:- Yoga help teach how to properly maintain the posture of the body. Thus regular yoga practice help improves the posture and the person looks more confident and healthy.
  3. Strength:- Yoga gives more strength to the body as in yoga a person uses his own weight against the exercises.
  4. Energy:- Regular yoga provides energy to the body. If the yoga is performed correctly then the person will feel energized rather being tired.
  5. Weight:- The stretching of the muscles reduce the amount of cellulite around the muscles and thus promotes weight loss.
  6. Sleep:- Yoga practitioner has a better sleep daily and also have a very sound and peaceful sleep all night.
  7. Balance:- Yoga help maintain the balance and control of the body.
  8. Integrated function of the body:- Yoga practitioners body work efficiently together, thus resulting in proper and maintained body movements.
  9. Body Awareness:- Yoga provides an increased awareness of the body. This can help in improved posture and self-confidence.
  10. Core strength:- With a strong core of the body, one will have a better posture and greater body strength. A strong core enhances the healing and also reduce injuries.
  11. Sexuality:- Yoga improve the sexuality through better control, relaxation, and self-confidence.

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga
  1. Mood:- The combination of a strong mind-body, a healthy body, and focusing inward can lead to an improvement in the mood.
  2. Stress Reduction:- The concentration needed during yoga practice tends to focus the attention, thus reducing the stress in life.
  3. Anxiety:- The benefit of controlled breathing in yoga is that it reduces anxiety.
  4. Depression:- Practising yoga daily can help reduce depression to a greater extent. Regularly release of the negativity causes a reduction in depression in many people.
  5. Self-acceptance:- Focusing inward via the yoga practice that perfection is not the ultimate goal, self-acceptance begins to appear.
  6. Self-control:- The controlled movements in yoga teach a person how to translate self-control into all aspects of life.
  7. Mind-body connection:- As the person attains controlled breathing with proper movements of the body, one will achieve a state of peace and a mind-body connection.
  8. Positive attitude:- A regular practice of yoga lead to a balance of hormones and the nervous system, which provides a more stable and positive attitude towards life.
  9. Hostility:- Yoga tend to reduce the amount of hostility one feels as well as the sense of control during anger. Regular practice of toga help calms the nervous system. Less hostility indicates lower blood pressure and stress and a healthier life.
  10. Concentration:- Around 8 weeks of regular yoga practice can result in increased concentration and motivation.
  11. Memory:- Improved blood circulation in the brain, reduction in stress, and improved focus leads to a better memory.
  12. Attention:- Yoga enhances the ability to keep a sharp focus on the tasks.
  13. Social skills:- Yoga help a person connect to the community and the society and thus improve social skills.
  14. Calmness:- Yoga teaches how to meditate, which help keep the mind calm.
  • BODY CHEMISTRY:- (Health Benefits of Yoga)

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga
  1. Cholesterol:- Yoga help lower the cholesterol due to increased blood circulation and burning down fat.
  2. Lymphatic system:- Some of the movements n yoga are well-suited for promoting a strong and a healthy lymphatic system.
  3. Glucose:- Yoga practitioners contain low blood sugar levels.
  4. Sodium:- Yoga help reduce the sodium levels in the body.
  5. Endocrine functions:- Practicing yoga regulate and also control the hormone secretion. A proper endocrine system maintains hormonal balance and also promotes overall physical and emotional state.
  6. Triglycerides:- Yoga practitioners contains significantly lower levels of the triglycerides.
  7. Red blood cells:- Yoga increases the level of red blood cells inside the body. RBCs are required for carrying oxygen via blood and help prevent anemia.
  8. Vitamin C:- Vitamin C boost immunity, produce collagen, and also acts as a powerful antioxidant. Yoga practice helps increase the Vitamin C content in the body.

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga
  1. Low risk of injury:- There is a low risk of injury during the yoga practice as compared to the other forms of exercise.
  2. Parasympathetic Nervous System:- Yoga help stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system of the body. This system lowers the blood pressure and slows the pace of breathing, which provides relaxation and healing.
  3. Muscle tone:- Practicing yoga regularly leads to a better muscle tone.
  4. Subcortex:- Subcortical part of the brain is associated with the well-being. Yoga dominates the subcortex region rather than the cortex.
  5. Reduced oxygen consumption:- Yoga consumes low oxygen, thus allowing the body to function more efficiently.
  6. Breathing:- Yoga aids in more natural and controlled breathing. This breathing provides more oxygen-rich air for the body and more energy.
  7. Balanced workout:- If a muscle group has been working in one direction then it will be worked in the other direction as well to maintain balance. This balance leads to a better workout of the body.
  8. Non-competitive:- In yoga, there is no need for any competition. With no competition, the person is free to perform slowly to avoid any injury and promote a well balanced and a stress-free workout.
  9. Joint range of motion:- The joint range of motion is improved by people involved in yoga.
  10. Eye-hand coordination:- Yoga help maintain and improves the eye-hand coordination.
  11. Dexterity:- A strong mind-body connection and the flexibility gained from the yoga practice leads to grace and skill.
  12. Reaction time:- The reaction time is improved with yoga breathing exercises in combination with other yoga exercises.
  13. Endurance:- Yoga helps improve the endurance of the body.
  14. Depth perception:- Yoga practice leads to an increased depth perception.
  • PREVENT DISEASES:- (Health Benefits of Yoga)

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga
  1. Heart disease:- Yoga helps reduce stress, blood pressure, reduces weight, and also improves cardiovascular health, all of which reduce the risk of heart disease.
  2. Osteoporosis:- Yoga contains the ability to lower the levels of cortisol in the body which help keep the calcium in the bones.
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease:- Yoga elevate the brain gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels in the body. Low GABA levels lead to the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. Meditation in yoga slows the progression of this disease.
  4. Type II diabetes:- Yoga help reduce the glucose levels in the blood and also reduce stress on the body. Regular practice of yoga increases insulin production in the body.

Health Benefits of Yoga
Health Benefits of Yoga
  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome:- Individuals with this syndrome involved in yoga practice show greater improvement by an enhanced grip strength and reduced pain.
  2. Asthma:- Yoga lead to the reduction of asthma symptoms and its medications.
  3. Arthritis:- The slow and deliberate movement of the yoga poses combined with the gentle pressure applied to the joints is an excellent exercise to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. Yoga also loosens the muscles that tighten the joints.
  4. Multiple sclerosis:- Yoga is very beneficial in treating MS.
  5. Cancer:- Cancer patients involved in regular yoga practice showed a gain in strength, increase red blood cells, and less nausea during chemotherapy.
  6. Muscular dystrophy:- Practicing yoga in the early stages help return some of the physical functions.
  7. Migraines:- Regular yoga practice reduce the number of migraines in the chronic migraine patients.
  8. Scoliosis:- Yoga straighten the curvature of the spine due to scoliosis.
  9. Chronic bronchitis:- Exercise increase the oxygen levels in the body which is important in the treatment of chronic bronchitis.
  10. Epilepsy:- Because of the focus on stress reduction, improved breathing and restoring the balance of the body help prevent epileptic seizures.
  11. Sciatica:- The pain due to sciatica can be alleviated with yoga.
  12. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder:- Yoga practice reduce the symptoms of this disorder.
  13. Constipation:- Yoga maintains the digestive and the elimination systems of the body and constipation can be eliminated through yoga.
  14. Allergies:- Some types of the breathing exercises can clear the nasal passages.
  15. Menopause:- Yoga practice help control the side effects of menopause.
  16. Back pain. Yoga reduces the spinal compression and helps the body alignment to reduce back pain.

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