Some of the Side Effects on our Health of High Heels 2017

High heels


These are a fashion accessory for women nowadays all over the world. But, there are certain health risks that are associated with wearing high heels. Below mentioned are 10 risk factors that could be caused due to wearing high heels.

High heels

High heels


  • Lower Back Pain

They are one of the ultimate fashion statement for women. They are usually sexy and can up the style quotient. But comfort and style statement of high heels does not go well together. These sandals do not provide complete and proper support to the feet. It leads to an unequal distribution of weight on the feet that might trigger soreness, inflammation, and pain in the lower back.

  • Sore Calves

Sore calves are another side effect caused due to wearing high heels. It can lead to protruding veins, which bulge outside and looks appealing and are extremely painful as well. A person should stay away from high heels so as to keep their feets in a better condition.

  • Foot Pain

High heels, also known as stilettos, have a certain shape and design that might look fashionable. After a long day on feet in such kind of an uncomfortable footwear, a person is most likely to suffer from conditions like foot ache. One can experience sharp pain in the toes, sole, arch or the heel.

  • Ankle Sprains

A pair of these designer heels can add glamour as well as ointments to a person’s daily needs. One can wear high heels only if a person is walking on even and smooth surfaces. Potholes, bumps, and cobblestones can be dangerous for the person wearing high heels and a person is more likely to slip and sprain the ankle. Apart from the ankle sprain, a fall of this type can sometimes also lead to broken ankles, bruised elbows, and knees. If a person land’s in an awkward, one might even suffer a concussion. Limit yourself from using high heels on a daily basis.

High heels

High heels

  • Awkward Spinal Curve

Most of the fashionistas wear stilettos to provide a charm to their hourglass body figure. High heels can make the lower back arch out more than the usual. The height of the heels is directly proportional to the degree of the arch in the back. The awkward arch can lead to extreme pains in the upper and the lower back regions.

  • Constricts the Blood Vessels

These shoes help make the feet to appear longer and thinner. The shape of the shoe squeezes the foot into such a position that isn’t natural and is not comfortable at all. The stress on the foot can lead to a constricted blood flow to the area. In extreme cases, it might even cause the blood vessels to break.

  • Effects of High Heels on Feet

Hammer’s toe is the most dangerous side effects of wearing high heels on feet. The unnatural position of the foot in high heels, the strain on the calf muscles, blood vessels, and back leads to the deformity of the foot which is known as the hammer’s toe.

  • Weakens Ligaments

High heels weaken the ligaments of the joints. One should avoid this glamorous and good looking footwear in order to protect the feet from any kind of injury.

  • Knee Pain

The awkward curve of the leg because of wearing high heels puts too much pressure on the joints of the knee. It leads to cases such as osteoarthritis in human beings.

High heels

High heels

  • Hyperextension In Toes

Another worse side effect of wearing heels all the time is that it leads to permanent fixation of the toe in hyperextension.

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