Spearmint Plant and Leaves Benefits & Advantages 2017

Benefits of Spearmint


It is also known as the garden mint. It grows well in nearly all temperate climates. The plant requires partial shade, but can also flourish in full sun to full shade. (Benefits of Spearmint)

Spearmint is best grown in loamy soils with an abundant amount of organic material. Their leaves can be used as fresh, dried and in the frozen form.

Spearmint Plant and Leaves Benefits & Advantages 2017

Benefits of Spearmint

It is native to Europe and is scientifically called as Mentha spicata.

They grow up to 1 m in height with a thick stalk and sharp-pointed leaves. This is also one of the most common forms of mint found in the world, and the leaves can be used for many different things.


Spearmint tea is enjoyed all over the world. It has the following health benefits such as:-

Spearmint Plant and Leaves Benefits & Advantages 2017

Benefits of Spearmint

  • Soothes indigestion,
  • Improve the immune system,
  • Protection against fungal infections,
  • Boost dental health,
  • Reduce facial hair growth, and
  • Lowers inflammation,
  • Anti-oxidants such as limonene and mint L-Carvone.


  • Boosts the Immune System:-

Spearmint essential oil possesses the powerful antibacterial capacity, which can help to protect off infections during many topical applications.

The same antibacterial activity is present in spearmint tea as well, which is the reason why many people turn to the sweet & energizing tea to boost up their immune system.

  • Eliminates Nausea:- 

The anti-inflammatory effect of spearmint can help your stomach to settle down when a person is experiencing any sort of stomach upset or nausea.

They act by calming the inflamed tissues and optimizes your digestion, it also improves nutrient uptake and eliminates cramping, bloating, constipation, and other unwanted gastrointestinal conditions.

  • Balances Hormone Levels:- 

Another effect of spearmint is that it can affect the hormonal balance in our body.

There are a countless number of hormonal interactions that define our appearance, mood, behavior and daily energy cycles, and spearmint has been shown to regulate and normalize these chemicals to a healthy level.

  • Reduces Hirsutism:- 

A specific hormonal issue that spearmint handles are hirsutism. It is defined as the growth of unwanted hair on certain women’s bodies, mainly due to a high level of androgens.

It acts by reducing this male hormone and regulates the rest of the body’s hormones. Spearmint is able to reduce the symptoms of hirsutism within two-week.

Spearmint Plant and Leaves Benefits & Advantages 2017

Benefits of Spearmint

  • Improves Memory:- 

The limonene present in spearmint is known to counter the negative effects of free radicals.

It also increases neurotransmitter activity and helps in improving memory, concentration, and focus. Consuming a single glass of spearmint tea can help clear the mind and tackle the tasks at hand.

  • Prevents Chronic Diseases:- 

Free radicals present in the body are the primary cause of the cellular breakdown. It also leads to the development of chronic diseases in the body.

For example, cancer is mainly caused by free radicals enhancing the cellular mutations.The antioxidants found in spearmint can eliminate these free radicals and keep the body healthy.

  • Reduces Inflammation:- 

The anti-inflammatory nature of spearmint is commonly used to eliminate a headache and other pains throughout the body, mainly in the joints.

This is an application of spearmint essential oil. These compounds can also help soothe sore throats and soothe indigestion by relaxing the spasm muscles of the gut.

  • Soothes a Colicky Baby:- 

Spearmint can reduce the discomfort and pain of an infant. This can prove to be unpleasant for both the infant and the parent, so a small dose of spearmint can often be given. The soothing compounds and relaxing nature are mainly effective in small doses. But if breastfeeding, close monitoring should be done on how much spearmint you are consuming.

Spearmint Plant and Leaves Benefits & Advantages 2017

Benefits of Spearmint

  • Prevents Fungal Infection:- 

Spearmint has been used as a traditional medicine because of its powerful anti-fungal property. Fungal infections and intestinal parasites are quite common in some parts of the world.

The use of spearmint is an effective and a simple way to clear out the digestive tract and makes an inhospitable environment for such unwanted agents to survive.


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