Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga review: an inconsistent intergalactic collectathon

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga represents nice worth. All 9 Star Wars movies bundled up in bricks! However do its items actually come collectively? Effectively, sure and no. The sport is charming and breezy, providing loads of locales and set items followers of the power will fawn over. But its episodes are wildly inconsistent, with tales advised at lightspeed and open world hubs crammed with so many collectible bricks it solidifies your mind to a lump of mortar.

Boot up Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and it is fairly one thing. You’ll be able to take your decide from a carousel of all 9 Star Wars movies thus far: the originals, the prequels, the sequels. Though, it solely permits you to entry the primary from every of those ‘collection’ to start with, in order that’s A New Hope, The Phantom Menace, or The Drive Awakens. As soon as you’ve got crushed one in every of these you progress onto the following within the boxset. And that is tremendous, making issues manageable for somebody like me who will get paralysed by alternative.

You may suppose the Skywalker bloodline is what runs by means of the sport’s episodes and ties all of them collectively. Technically sure, however belief your intestine, your feeling, the power and you may realise that it is bricks. No, not the best way the galaxy’s portrayed with a plastic sheen and constructed from blocks, however within the ludicrous variety of collectible bricks. And characters. And ships. And mini ships. The sport cares extra for the collectathon than it does the story, dispensing the plot like George Lucas idly flicking by means of a set of flash playing cards.

Lorra lorra laughs
There may be an infectious cheekiness to the Skywalker Saga, which makes it a easy jaunt for followers or these new to all of it. Count on plenty of slapstick comedy like aliens bonking their heads on low doorways or characters spilling drinks over each other, blue milk, that kind of factor.

High quality differs tremendously relying on which episode you select. The Phantom Menace is laughably brief, racing by means of sections with little cohesion. Early on you escape from the Droidekas and earlier than you understand it you are underwater in Gungan City. Already? Okay then. Begin with A New Hope and issues are higher paced, with a pleasant stability of puzzling and battling that performs to Lego Star Wars’ important power i.e. the Lego. You are inspired to flit between Leia and R2 to hack terminals or deconstruct and reconstruct issues that’ll enable you to progress. The Drive Awakens is robust too, with intelligent platforming sections that have you ever biking by means of Rey’s scavenger instruments, like a internet gun to scale partitions or a glider to traverse gaps.

The sport swings between these two extremes as you hop between episodes. Typically it is nice enjoyable, as you hoist Yoda in your again and sort out an impediment course, or velocity previous Sebulba in a barely jank pod-race. Typically, although, it reduces climactic moments to pure drudgery, as you stave off a military of Droids the MMO manner: hovering a circle over rectangles and watching numbers climb. And as Alice Bee mentioned in her Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Preview, there’s plenty of third-person taking pictures now. An excessive amount of, actually.

Sandwiched between the wars of the celebrities are hub worlds which might be mainly business breaks the sport plops you into. Mos Eisley, Tattooine, Hoth, Manchester – they’re all right here. Some locales actually do look the half, particularly Mos Eisley, which brims with raiders and peculiar alien dudes and tusked beasts. You’ll be able to’t fault The Skywalker Saga’s presentation, which Lego-fies the galaxy in a beautiful manner, actually making each little factor really feel prefer it’s constructed by a Danish toy manufacturing firm.

The difficulty with the hub worlds is their unwavering confidence that you will love gathering stuff. Scattered throughout them are shiny bricks which might be marked in your minimap. You may want them to improve your many talent bushes, which supply well being and harm upgrades and extra methods so that you can earn Lego bits.

Lego Rey jumps over a Tie Fighter on the sands of Tatooine in Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Bricks per second
The sport seems to be and runs nice on PC. Enjoying at 1080p on an RTX 2070 noticed no hitches or stuttering and a really clean body fee in busy areas. No complaints on this entrance

Acquire your first Kyber Brick and a pop-up will announce that you’ve got pocketed one in every of over a THOUSAND. Full a mission and it will run you thru the challenges you accomplished – or did not – the bricks you bought – or did not – the Lego bits you collected – or didn’t – and also you get the concept – or do you? The Lego video games have at all times had fairly a little bit of this, however in rewarding you for gathering all these various things The Skywalker Saga appears to neglect that it is unrewarding when you do not. It pushes all its chips into the middle of the poker desk and says, “all in” on collectibles. It firmly believes you are somebody who likes gathering bricks, so it is too unhealthy in case you do not.

Coming into the collectathon hub zones can be higher if it was crammed with tidbits of lore for Star Wars fanatics, or wonderful puzzling or platforming. Actually, although, plenty of them are micro-puzzles the place you have to place one block on prime of the opposite to achieve a excessive spot. Possibly swap characters from Hero to Jedi, so you should utilize the Drive to drag one thing inside attain. Positive, it is fairly satisfying when these Kybers enter your possession with a bang of confetti and a fist-pump, however flip it over in your plastic palms and also you shortly bear in mind it is one in every of a thousand bricks.

And the extra hub worlds you encounter, the extra jaded you turn into. You see the icons flood the mini-map and also you merely… cannot be bothered anymore. Until you are a completionist at coronary heart, the challenges they provide aren’t attention-grabbing sufficient to chase them down. So many occasions I’ve racked my mind over trickier puzzles, solely to surrender on them. Why? As a result of all that lies on the finish of the puzzle is one other foolish little Kyber Brick.

Gotta catch ’em all
Some collectibles are extra attention-grabbing, significantly the sport’s many characters. The choice to go off-script in Free Play mode is good too, as you’ll be able to replay missions with a view to vacuum up all of the bricks and kits you may’ve missed – if that is your factor.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga works when it’s slower and extra methodical with its story moments. If you’re activating comms towers with a mix of climbing and puzzling. Rebuilding bits of your ship and chucking in some mild fight to interrupt issues up a bit. Maybe disguising your self as a Stormtrooper to bypass safety. However these moments are few and much between.

The sport’s emphasis is on the collectibles, however taking them out would see the sport crumble like a Jenga tower collapsing. Slightly, the tower’s vista can be cleared of obstructions, supplying you with the an opportunity to see the galaxy clearly once more. The collectibles really feel like padding to line the big gaps within the story in a manner they weren’t in older Lego video games. When you’re blissful to hoard bricks and partake in a easy Star Wars romp, then you definitely’ll doubtless love the stodge. However in case you’re after a Lego Star Wars saga that takes its time, you is likely to be left upset.

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