One of Elden Ring’s most notorious bosses is now even more difficult

Considered one of Elden Ring’s most tough bosses has now been made even trickier.

It is because of a bug within the newest replace that causes the notorious Malenia to self-heal when different gamers are summoned in to assist.

The bug was noticed by the now legendary participant Let Me Solo Her, who usually leaves a summon signal exterior the boss combat to assist these struggling to defeat her.

A YouTube video from the player reveals the issue: Malenia is supposed to self-heal however solely when putting the participant. Now she will self-heal at any level if one other participant is summoned.

The newest replace, extra deliberately, nerfed the Swarm of Flies incantation that was beforehand a preferred technique in opposition to Malenia. Different stability adjustments have been additionally included.

Let Me Solo Her has even been made right into a summonable spirit ash because of a brand new mod.

If you happen to’re combating the bosses of Elden Ring, try our information.

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