Publisher’s Platform: Your child should not get E. coli and kidney failure or die from eating a pizza


Santé publique France studies that as of 13/04/2022, 53 confirmed instances have been recognized, of which 51 are linked to O26 strains, and a pair of to O103 strains. For 26 different instances of HUS and STEC infections notified to Public Well being France, investigations are ongoing.

These 53 instances occurred in 52 youngsters and 1 grownup, who offered signs between 01/18/2022 (week 3) and 03/16/2022 (week 11); for 1 grownup, the date of onset of signs is underneath investigation.

These 53 instances occurred in 12 areas of metropolitan France: Hauts-de-France (11 instances), New Aquitaine (8 instances), Pays de la Loire (7 instances), Brittany (6 instances), Ile-de-France (9 instances), Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes (2 instances), Bourgogne Franche-Comté (2 instances), Grand Est (2 instances), Occitanie (2 instances), Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (2 instances) and Middle Val-de-Loire (1 case).

The 52 sick youngsters are aged from 1 to 17 years with a median age of seven years; 23 (44%) are feminine; 46 (88%) offered with HUS, 6 (20%) with STEC gastroenteritis. Two youngsters died. The two adults are over 90 years outdated.

Listed here are a number of of the tales – badly translated – however, nonetheless horrible to learn.

Aurélie, 34, and her husband John, 40, led “a standard household life”. Every little thing was turned the wrong way up when their two sons fell severely in poor health, poisoned by the E. coli micro organism by way of Buitoni pizzas, a model of the meals big Nestlé. The 2 boys of Aurélie Micouleau and John Delpech have developed what scientists name hemolytic and uremic syndromes (HUS), which notably have an effect on younger youngsters. The 2 boys have now returned residence. However the injury to the kidneys is irreversible, assures John, who put his business exercise on maintain: “No physician is ready to inform us if their situation will deteriorate in a month or in twenty years”.

“She was at demise’s door. She is now locked up in her physique.” The dad and mom of Léna, 12, contaminated in February with E. coli micro organism after consuming a pizza from the Fraîch’Up vary of the Buitoni model, testify to their ordeal. A “actual nightmare” that has been occurring for 2 months now. Then the exams present “huge lesions”, “within the frontal lobe and on the again of the mind”. Léna is in a vegetative state, she not speaks, can’t see, and is fed by nasogastric tube. ” In the present day, they will’t inform us if she is going to make it ,” the dad and mom fear. “Our life is damaged”, they conclude on the microphone of our colleagues, moved.

Aurore and her household had been contaminated with E. coli micro organism after consuming a Buitoni pizza. Eight days later, her 19-year-old son continues to be affected by worrying signs. Well being authorities have confirmed a direct hyperlink between severe well being considerations detected in some forty youngsters and the consumption of Fraîch’Up pizzas from Buitoni. She, her husband, and her son consumed it on March 21 and all had been contaminated by the micro organism after consuming a Buitoni model Fraich’Up pizza. The couple have solely been sick for 48 hours however their 19-year-old son, Tristan, is nonetheless bedridden . Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, dizziness.

This Monday, April 18, 2022, the mom of a little bit woman who ate a Buitoni pizza testified to the hell that her household goes by way of in TPMP. It has now been a number of days since pizzas contaminated with E.coli from the Buitoni model have been recalled. Certainly, a number of of them have induced poisoning in youngsters, together with the demise of two of them. Amélie, Julia’s nine-year-old mom, was in a position to go to Cyril Hanouna’s set to speak about all this. First, the younger lady opened about her household’s descent into hell: ” She even ate two pizzas, one with cheese and one with Bolognese on February 16. It was going very nicely and on Tuesday 22 February, she began to be sick. She contracted a sort of gastro six days later. She had diarrhea, she had numerous wind ache, she was nauseous however she was not vomiting. I went to the final practitioner Thursday, he advised me that she in all probability had a giant gastro (…) she gave me a therapy for a gastro”. However issues bought worse, she continues: ” The subsequent morning she had a waxy complexion, it’s not like gastro, I felt that she was not nicely, she was on the bottom. I used to be on the pediatric ward in St Etienne, they took care of me right away, they did check-ups. She was instantly admitted to intensive care (…) Her situation was getting worse. After I requested if my daughter was going to die , I used to be advised that they may not reply me”. The next Sunday, the little woman was transported by helicopter from Saint Etienne to Lyon. “On Monday she went to the block, we stayed six days in intensive care (…) we had been launched on March 15, she is underneath surveillance at residence, she couldn’t return to high school” lamented Amélie who’s afraid to feed her daughter now. Furthermore, this contamination may have severe penalties. Other than the truth that the checkups should not good, Julia should see the physician each week and do urine and blood exams. She may have sequelae like blood stress or a kidney transplant that might present up in just a few years… A heartbreaking story.

On the finish of January, it’s pizza night time with Chloé’s household. Her 12-year-old son Robin eats a pizza from the Fraîch’up vary by Buitoni, the household’s favourite model. Two days later, he begins to have a stomachache, turns into pale, sleeps lots. Medical doctors suspect gastroenteritis. However on the finish of the week, his situation worsens: he not eats, can not stand, his eyes flip yellow. Chloe then takes him to the emergency room. “Once we arrived on the hospital in Lille, the pediatrician bluntly advised us that his important prognosis was engaged, tells Chloé to RMC. If inside 48 hours, it impacts the liver, the mind, and the center, it’s Your life passes earlier than you, and also you marvel in case your life goes to finish. You think about that he’s useless and that you’re going to his funeral. And also you marvel if you’ll dwell on with out him. His two kidneys had stopped, they didn’t work anymore. Inside a day, it was too late. He will probably be sentenced to life on a salt-free food plan, and he could have kidney issues later. It turned an anguish everlasting each night time I rise up to see if he’s okay.” Robin’s dad and mom are not alone with their questions. They joined a Fb group the place the dad and mom of kid victims are recognized. This group is that of the affiliation “SHU T – Typical Hemolytic and Uremic Syndrome “Let’s get out of silence””. One of many moms says that her two sons are hospitalized, one among whom continues to be in intensive care. Amongst these indignant dad and mom, Malo, the daddy of a 4-year-old woman, Sacha. She too discovered herself between life and demise after consuming a Buitoni pizza. She stayed within the hospital for 3 weeks and on dialysis for 15 days.

In Saint-Varent within the Deux-Sèvres, three youngsters aged two and a half, 9 and ten years outdated had been very severely in poor health due to the Escherichia coli bacterium. Their mom confirms that she had purchased a pizza from the Buitoni model in January. Between January 25 and February 22, the lifetime of this household from Saint-Varent, in Deux-Sèvres changed into a nightmare. All of it begins with their ten-year-old daughter displaying signs of gastroenteritis. The physician, after an examination of the kid, concluded that he had gastroenteritis. However two days later, the kid screams in ache, vomits and turns into dehydrated. Taken to the emergency room, the kid will probably be hospitalized after her mom insisted with the medical doctors by explaining that her daughter doesn’t have the behavior of screaming in ache. However her situation deteriorated, her renal features, and she or he was rushed to the Nantes College Hospital, within the nephrology division. She is positioned on dialysis 4 to 5 hours a day, then each different day. She receives blood transfusions and opioids to ease the ache. Along with her kidneys, her liver is affected she has pancreatitis. After which little by little his situation improves. On February 5, the youngest of the siblings is sick. She is 2 and a half years outdated. Gastroenteritis can also be identified. however there once more, the little woman’s situation deteriorates, she vomits, staggers, dozes. Urgently transported to Nantes hospital, she convulsed, and her coronary heart was giving out. She spent six days in intensive care with a significant prognosis. Inside an hour, she may have died. My daughter nearly died. The toddler may be very severely affected, her kidneys hardly work anymore, her liver is affected, her coronary heart and even her mind. She develops encephalopathy. Then her situation improved, she left intensive take care of the nephrology division. On February 15, it’s the nine-year-old boy who’s in flip in poor health. Identical signs as his sisters, he’s hospitalized in Nantes in severe situation, however will get better just a few days later.

Mickaël and Leslie are the dad and mom of Bérénice, 7 years outdated. The little woman is in a coma after consuming a frozen pizza: 75 youngsters are at the moment affected by E.coli contamination.  Households and different households await the conclusions of this investigation, like Mickaël and Leslie, the dad and mom of Bérénice, 7 years outdated. A Buitoni pizza on Wednesday midday was Bérénice’s ritual along with her mom and her huge sister. One Wednesday night, on the finish of February, she experiences intestinal signs, equivalent to gastroenteritis: abdomen aches, diarrhea. His father, Mickaël, then takes him to the physician the subsequent morning. He tells the remainder on franceinfo: ” The physician despatched us to the emergency room. And behind, it was the descent into hell. The kidneys not labored; it attacked the center. There have been two cardiac arrests, together with one with one-hour cardiac therapeutic massage. Bérénice is sedated, positioned in a coma for twelve days now.” Based on the medical doctors of the CHRU of Excursions, Bérénice suffers from a extreme type of the hemolytic and uremic syndrome, brought on by this bacterium. His father now tells us concerning the forwards and backwards between the hospital, the home, and the varsity of the large one, in addition to all of the steps with Public Well being France to seek out the place this bacterium comes from. ” We had been contacted by Public Well being France the day after our admission to the hospital. They requested us questions on our food plan, the place did we go to do our procuring… They’re nonetheless on the ‘investigation, on the analyzes, even when they’re nonetheless shifting in the direction of Buitoni pizzas. It could be a development, however we’re not positive of something but. “

Little Marceau, 4 and a half years outdated, got here near demise. The kid, poisoned by E.coli micro organism after consuming a contaminated pizza, was lastly in a position to be handled by medical doctors at Lille hospital. Extraordinarily shocked, her mom testifies to La Dépêche of the times of anguish that the household has spent.  Marceau returned to high school simply ten days in the past with strict suggestions: to not eat salty meals. And, if he hurts himself, don’t take anti-inflammatories. “He won’t ever have the ability to get stung within the arm once more both, breathes his mom, nonetheless examined by the seven weeks she has simply spent. We should preserve his veins intact for a transfusion in case he has one other kidney downside. “After I arrived at Lille hospital, he greeted me, telling me that the subsequent 72 hours had been going to be decisive. That the micro organism had been attacking the kidneys however that it may probably additionally assault the center and the mind. J was devastated.”

The mom of Nolan, 12, and that of Yatis, 4, who’ve simply left the hospital. Nolan, 12, is one among these little victims. He left the hospital just a few days in the past after two lengthy weeks of anguish. “He vomited nearly 9 days, seven instances a day. We went to the physician who thought it was gastroenteritis. However he went to intensive care for 3 days. He was infused, probed, transfused We’re drained. Uninterested in following its evolution. The medical doctors who inform us: ‘we don’t understand how lengthy he’s going to be like this, drained’”, says his mom, Vanessa Schneider, within the video of the 8 p.m. information on the high of this text.  Like Nolan and Yatis, 73 different youngsters aged 1 to 18 had been contaminated with E. coli micro organism. On Wednesday March 30, the well being authorities established a hyperlink between a few of these contaminations and frozen pizzas from the Fraîch’Up vary of the Buitoni model.

Manoé, he spent twelve days in pediatric intensive care in Nantes (Loire-Atlantique), in February. Hospitalized in Brest for 3 weeks, Sasha, who will quickly be 5 years outdated, is best at the moment, however her kidneys had been not working after consuming Buitoni pizza in mid-February. “We go to the hospital along with her youngster as a result of we expect she has extreme gastroenteritis, after which after the analyzes we let you know that she goes to intensive care”, testifies with a heavy coronary heart, Malo Coz, a Brestois, dad of little Sasha, nearly 5 years outdated, who spent three weeks on the Morvan hospital of the Brest CHRU, from March 1.The primary signs, as early as February 26, had been abdomen aches and diarrhea. It was subsequently not possible to make the reference to the frozen Buitoni Fraîch’Up pizza. “The medical doctors advised us that his kidneys had been not working. Within the working room, he needed to put a dialysis catheter. At that age, you don’t must undergo that! “, accuses Malo, whose little woman was a sufferer of hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) as a result of contamination by the bacterium Escherichia coli. The little Brestoise was in a position to go away the hospital after 15 days of dialysis and now she is best. “We got here residence on a really strict food plan. Restrictions are easing, however there may be nonetheless salt and chocolate. As she loves faculty, she wished to return as quickly as attainable. She begged the physician, however she solely stayed within the morning final week: she continues to be very drained.

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